Upcoming Monthly NICAR Member Webinar First Thursday of Every Month at 12PM Central


Northern Illinois Commercial Association of Realtors

On behalf of the NICAR, CRECo.ai invites you to a NICAR Member only webinar.

In this webinar you will learn how to have your business promoted everywhere you need it to be (and/or) everywhere you want it, remove redundant tasks related to your data, and most importantly how to take control of your digital business in this rapidly evolving tech enabled industry. 


How easy would it be to close deals if you had all the information you need instantly at your fingertips?


Have you ever lost a client because you weren’t using the most current technology, but they were?


Was money left on the table because you were unaware of a market changing transaction?


Would you like to redeem the countless hours spent inputting data in multiple places, by you or your office, to use the time more productively?

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*As of June 13th 2019, CRE Collaborative joins the ranks of other CRETech providers in NAR's Commercial Listing Platforms & Tools directory in an effort to provide even greater value to members of the National Association of Realtors. Learn more about additional CRECollaborator Benefits Available To members of the National Association of REALTORS® by clicking here


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, or simply want to escape the technology trap, and make technology a tool rather than an obstacle?




 Webinar will take place first Thursday of Every Month at 12PM Central Standard Time 

 Event hosted by

Andreas Senie Founder and CEO CRECo.ai

Andreas Senie 
Founder & CEO 

Andreas has over 10 years experience in all aspects of the professional real estate industry. Andreas has served in leading roles in CRE tech solutions, including, MLS marketing platform, Agile CRM, Tenant Rep, and listing service, TenSource, Capital raising platform, RealConnex, and comprehensive integrated SaaS platform, 500apps. Mr. Senie also has over a decade of experience in brick & mortar real estate development and brokerage, most notably the Senie’s are completing a $70 Million dollar mixed use project in Berlin, Massachusetts. Andreas also founded the first hybrid commercial real estate brokerage firm working within residential brokerage; EAC Properties at The Higgins Group; servicing the tristate with over 400 agents, 15 offices combined, providing landlord representation, tenant representation, and buyer representation.  


About CRECO (CRE Collaborative)

CRECO.ai (www.crecollaborative.com) is a 2.0 Technology Market Network.  Connecting the Commercial Real Estate Thru One Simple To Use Platform.  The CRE Collaborative portal enables quick access to all relevant industry data, technology and real estate networks saving real estate professionals time and money related to their use of technology. CRECO is doing for Commercial Real Estate what Kayak and Expedia have done for travel. CRE Collaborative goes further, not only making the information available, but also combining and connecting the disparate technologies and data available onto one easy to navigate platform.  Additionally, CRECO provides business technology advisors to ensure that real estate professionals have the best possible "toolbox" of technology at their fingertips.


CRE COLLABORATIVE provides all the tools a professional need to:

▪ Find Properties (For Sale, For Lease, Tax Data, Demographics)

▪ Research Real Estate Markets (Market Demand, Market Trends, News) 

▪ Network (Identify area deal makers, capital resources, and other RE professionals)

▪ Prospect (Bookmark, Follow, and source properties & professionals to do more business) 

▪ Promote (Post Opportunities, power your website with your property data, Connect your data to other technologies) 

▪ Access the industry’s best tools and data (Augment your data with our data, partner technology data) 
Think Kayak’s… Search One & Done….