For CRE Technology Companies



CRE Collaborative's Marketplace offers best-in-class data, technologies, and real estate services al la carte to its users, and or acts as a connector between technologies thru our unique portal.  

CRE COLLABORATIVE removes the barriers between siloes of data, and facilitates ease of data exchange based on real estate business needs. 

Potential benefits include branded data sets shown to users based on credential access or by role. Placement in our advanced technologies search tool, and or directory. 

Be presented to real estate companies that need your services and are readily looking to access the industries best tools today!


All CRETECH/PROPTECH companies are welcome to apply  



  • Direct revenue generation opportunities
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased brand awareness and lift
  • Join our long term data collaboration initiative
  • Access our team of data scientists and partnerships to create richer partnerships and user experiences in your technologies.



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