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Content Marketing Outsourcing


Powered by CRE Collaborative's platform, What If What Next's content marketing outsourcing services for Commercial Real Estate professionals and businesses will help maximize the impact of your marketing budget this year. Put your marketing dollars to work by tracking all your social media channels, promotions, and ads in one place. Double-down on what works, rather than just throw money at marketing guesses -- an advantage you don't want to miss. The most crucial gain: maximizing your team's and your own time in-front of the right people at the right time to close more deals.


Content Marketing Outsourcing Components

Visibility through SEO and social media: Investing in SEO is a wise decision for any business to thrive. It increases the visibility of your content, projects, properties, products, services, and your brand in general.

The power of video marketing: Video is the darling of content marketing, and it's easier to consume, more relatable for viewers, and more visually stimulating than other forms of content. Video promotes organic reach and conversions; Google's algorithm also favors video content over others, especially real estate.

Adding Influencer marketing: Influencers direct their followers to your brand and address the uncertainties that affect them with new perspectives. Pump some marketing budget into influencer marketing alongside other initiatives for even more growth and adoption of your brand.

Marketing Technologies: Text, video, and graphic content marketing require creative teams that know how to use multiple tools for creation, scheduling, digital outreach, etc. Community creation requires easy-to-use platforms, and marketing professionals need the expertise to implement these tools effectively., CRE Collaborative's B2B/B2C platform, and the My Social Tool aggregate commercial real estate data in one place provides turn-key social media management, an integrated database with an efficient, easy-to-use interface, and quick access to all relevant industry data & technology. This easy-to-use platform, along with What If What Next's outsourcing services, can ensure you don't miss out on deals.  

CRE Collaborative's Premium My Social Tool 

  • The My Social Tool allows you to implement, analyze, manage, and measure all your digital content's success all in one place. It provides all that you need for your social media strategy:
  • Automatically post your properties, profile, and company across your social channels. 
  • Web analytics, blog content, metrics, and a planning tool for your social network accounts: e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Monitor your website or blog to learn how your content performs on search engines like Google and across social networks.
  • Monitor your competition, social influence, and conversions.
  • Determine which pages are more successful, which receive more visits, and duration.
  • Make the right decisions and improve your content and interactions.


What To Expect

Onboarding:  Our success managers will help you to upload your bio, services, projects, and properties to, where you gain access to deals, properties, and leads you can use immediately. For the technically adverse, white-glove onboarding is available. 

Frequency: Up-to 7 scheduled posts per week, powered by CRE Collaborative's My Social Tool.

Captions & Hashtags: We've built a collection of engaging posts with captions and hashtags most relevant to the Commercial Real Estate industry, which can then be tailored to best fit your content.

Exclusive Monthly Selection: Every month, we will plan and publish a unique selection of highly engaging posts, making sure your Instagram grid is unique.

Content Planned and Posted for You: Agents should build relationships and closing deals, so we'll create and publish everything for you.

Posting on Google My Business, Blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Tic Toc and others: We will publish Your posts on all social media and other web assets. 

SEO and Paid Advertising: Ongoing SEO and paid web advertising.

Personalized Captions Signature: Give us a text that we'll include right after every caption, i.e., a call to action for your followers 

Up to Eight Personalized Hashtags: Add up to eight hashtags that apply to you, i.e., your nickname, expertise, location… anything. 

Post Tips, Statistics, and Industry Insights: Build your authority by showing your knowledge in the Real Estate industry.

Creativity, Consistency, and Connectivity


What If What Next content marketing outsourcing with will focus you and your team on what the CRE sector cares about most — personal connection, visibility, relatability, and authenticity. 

We will provide you with a demo of the platform and a detailed outsourcing program proposal based on your objectives, needs, and budget.

Let's talk.


Howard Oliver, MBA,

Managing Director, What If What Next Consulting

Vice President of Marketing, Director CRE Marketing Consulting Group, CRE Collaborative,, 416-568-5254.


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