CRE Collaborative Announces 2.0 Technology Market Network Integrating Commercial Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Data, and Technology

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**For Immediate Release :  9:00 AM  February 4th 2019, New York, NY**  

CRE Collaborative Platform is now available to the Commercial Real Estate industry. Its purpose is to solve the continually growing disconnect between 4.9M commercial real estate professionals, their real estate business, data, and the technologies servicing them.

  • CRE Collaborative launches a 2.0 Market Network, integrating real estate professionals, data and technology in one simple to use portal.
  • CRE Collaborative  is a universal hub providing connectivity, availability and transparency to the commercial real estate industry.


Founded in 2016 by Andreas Senie and Emmy Sarica, CRE COLLABORATIVE is an “Aggregated Property Data, Technology Market Network”, a 2.0 Commercial Real Estate Technology.


"Today’s commercial real estate industry, continues to be flooded with closed platforms, creating closed networks, with next to zero connectivity. Not only is this causing a drain on finances, but also the precious time needed to search and determine what technologies are relevant to how I do business. I needed the simplicity of one platform where I could determine and be advised of the best course of action.” Emmy Sarica Co-Founder


CRE Collaborative acts as a universal connector by providing the digital infrastructure needed to accelerate a real estate professional’s ability to do more business. CRE Collaborative’s integrated portal enables quick access to all relevant industry data, technology, and real estate networks saving professionals time and money related to their use of technology, so they can free up time and close more transactions. CRE Collaborative is doing for Commercial Real Estate something similar to what Kayak or Expedia have done for travel.  CRE Collaborative goes further not only making the information available, it also combines and connects the disparate technologies and data available, into one easy to navigate platform. Additionally we provide  Business Technology advisors, to ensure real estate professionals can focus on what they do best with the best possible “toolbox” of technology at their fingertips.


“The real estate industry has not changed, however, technology either accelerates a real estate professional’s ability to do more business or hinders his ability to execute it. CRE Collaborative was founded in 2016 based on one simple principle. When you create a relationship in the real estate industry, i.e. shaking hands with a new prospect, partner, or professional, you exponentially increase your ability to do more business. The CRE Collaborative platform does that for you, related to your network, your data sources, and your potential technology. By removing the barriers between people, their data and the technologies they use, we allow a real estate professional to get back to shaking more hands and closing more deals,” said CEO & Founder Andreas Senie.


CRE Collaborators are empowered with more knowledge to transact more business, thru collaborative technologies. This saves valuable time and provides increased returns on the use of technology. This allows real estate professionals to focus on what they do best while we handle the technology. The CRE Collaborative platform includes an index of over 20 million commercial real estate properties, a forever free commercial information exchange for deals, and ever-expanding network of services and professionals to help real estate professionals close more business.


CRE Collaborative already provides a host of real time services through its portal partners including real time feasibility, QuantumListing promotion, nationwide property databases, etc. 


About CRE Collaborative 

The CRE Collaborative platform is a 2.0 Technology Market Network, built to Integrate Commercial Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Data, and Technology. Core functionality includes Search function to access properties nationwide, Networking tools to connect professionals to one another, and promotion widgets to connect deals out to partner platforms and across social media. Additionally, CRE Collaborative already provides a host of real time services through its portal partners including real time feasibility, access to demographics, valuation, deal promotion, nationwide property databases, and more. 


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