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Congratulations on logging in to, claiming your free portal of properties and establishing a branded portfolio on the platform.  Your influence will grow there as you become more active in adding deals, compiling richer data set on each, and building your network.

If you have not claimed your free portal access yet, click here to login now!

Do you want to take your marketing to an even higher level? An active campaign of posting to LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Business will build your:

  • Personal brand and influence.
  • Grow your professional network. 
  • Get your deal to the right people faster.
  • Speed up your ability to identify and close business in the hyper-local markets you serve.  

If you are handling your social media–that’s great! If, however, you feel you could use some help to create and post compelling content consistently, perhaps we can be of assistance.

CRE Collaborative partner What If What Next (WIWN), a content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO agency offers a six-week Design/Build/Run marketing program that will “Socially Stage” you and your properties.  The deliverables:

  • Review of existing resources plans and previous sales history.
  • Craft a social media marketing plan with objectives, strategies, and actions for the Social Staging campaign.
  • Build a high conversion landing page using the Weebly platform.
  • Populate landing page with compelling and useful content and a strong call to action, SEO, and A/B testing tools.
  • Build LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Business sites as required.
  • Build Followers and engage targeted hyper-local contacts on social media. 
  • Create and post content daily to the landing page and social sites: podcasts, images, infographics, text, photos, posts, interviews, articles, and posters.
  • Measure and report on progress weekly.
  • Training for handover to you at projects end.


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