A LEAD GEN Challenge from CRE Collaborative

Lead Gen Challenge from CRE Collaborative


Do you agree? The essential CRE marketing and CRE tech KPI is quality leads generated. Traditional social media marketing follows this path on Facebook and similarly on other social media platforms: 

Social Reach>Impressions>Engagement>Conversion>Leads>Conversations>Deals

Producing leads from social media and different advertising can be time-consuming, costly, and frankly hit-or-miss. In the past few years, one of the most significant facets or value add of CRE Tech is as an alternative source of lead gen. Some 6800 companies now offer solutions purporting to provide brokers a way to identify opportunities. To our experience, there are no one-size-fits-all, comprehensive solutions available to the individual, small, and medium-sized broker.  

In the past few years, CRE Collaborative has helped medium and small scale CRE companies and brokers in a variety of value-added ways, including identifying more leads faster through the CRECo.ai platform. How? 


CRE Collaborative' platform includes; market network of over 27 million properties and aggregated those properties in accessible data stacks layered with additional data and technology on top of the core property information to reveal promising property opportunities and networks of owners, investors, and agents to work with to close more deals faster. We do not offer a one size fit all solution, which is not available.  With our premium membership, CRECo.ai delivers a customized data flow that helps deal focused CRE brokers to do what they do best - sell.

Please listen to a recent podcast FRIEDONTECH MEETS FRIEDONBUSINESS:  A RETROSPECTIVE LOOK AT 2019 AND PREDICTIONS FOR 2020,   where this capability is explored in detail with host Jim Fried and Andreas Senie and guests David Perlmutter, President of Quantum Listing, and Rebekah Carlson, President of Carlson Integrated.

Let us propose a LEAD GEN challenge to you. Call us, and we will map out a route to identify a silo of enough leads to transform your business in Q1 2020. We have done this with other companies and can do this with you.

Got your interest? Click HERE to connect for a one-on-one 20-minute brainstorm.

Howard Oliver

VP Marketing 

CRE Collaborative Inc

203-307-2242 | howard@CRECo.ai 


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