Seven ways to be more productive in all markets

Real Estate professionals that access the best CRE technology marketing tools and work process to identify, analyze, and the market will close more deals faster despite challenging economic headwinds.

Real Estate professionals that access the best CRE technology marketing tools and work process to identify, analyze, and the market will close more deals faster despite challenging economic headwinds.  

 1.     Review: Review your portfolio and or the markets you do business in by asset class and geography. Run the numbers, especially on the acquisition side. As a business, whether you're a broker, developer, or investor/lender, you need to know what the predictive future holds so that you can stay a step ahead. 

a.     Start by contacting everyone in your sphere. Ask your extended contacts what they are working on, what they have recently or will soon close, what they have coming on the market and the types of opportunities they are seeking. More importantly, you want to remind your network to utilize technology to uncover or source properties that may be a fit for acquisition based on their leverage ratios.

b.'s search one and done portal, provides real-time market inventory of over 24 million properties, with our partners Zip Analyser and Landchecks we supply current economic and development snapshots of your area that may influence you you and your client’s business decisions. 

It's safe to say that your market, along with everyone's market, has changed. CRECo's portal provides you with tools to communicate important information to your investors, lenders, and clients. CRECo will also broadcast your properties and the opportunities you are seeking.  

2.     Plan:  Set goals (especially sales funnel expectations); visuals help keep you motivated. For example, if you set a goal to be the CRE Broker to close the most deals in your county by 2021,  start by mapping an execution plan. To realize that goal,  it must be data-driven and technology-enabled. To get a fresh perspective, speak with a trusted colleague or manager. Your plan should incorporate the most informative CRE Tech, to search, network, and promote your business.

3.     Build your CRM: This is a stressful time.  A lot of us have been turned upside down by COVID-19 and the resulting changes in the industry. We're not at ICSC, for a week in Vegas,  which is one of the most significant and well-attended events of the year. We're not secure, wondering how you and your family are weathering the storm and isolation. Business and life go on, using this time to contact your spheres both professional and personal will uncover new opportunities. Taking steps to see that all your data needs have been brought online and put into a usable format on an upgraded CRM is essential.  The CRE Collaborative platform ( acts an operating system and helps you build your pipeline, enrich the data through aggregators, refine your message, and step up the frequency and strength of your market outreach, including social media postings with the push of a button!  

4.     Social Marketing:   Re-introduce the new you and the unique way you do business 24/7 nonstop no matter what is occurring in the world. Your clients, customers, prospects, and colleagues all need to know that you're still working for them. Face-to-face meetings may be limited. Personal websites have been the norm for quite a while. Now you must become an influencer with an active and ongoing social media effort. CRE Collaborative, along with its partners, has a suite of social marketing tools that will allow you to post, measure, and plan campaigns. What's next? Our partner Quantum Listings will help you create ads that will capture your opportunities and communicate with your audience.  CRECollaborative provides advisory services to help companies structure and maximize the use of their data, our data, our partner technologies, and other data platforms through our search one and done portal and or white label portals. We can help you successfully pivot in the coming weeks to profit from the coming wave of distressed properties and other opportunities.

CRE Collaborative Advisors handle the technology, while our Strategic Marketing Consulting Group syncs your digital brand. Senior CRE brokers, marketers, and data specialists make up this team. They will work with you and your team, test your current capabilities, and design a path forward comprising:

-       Provide a single source of truth / or point of origination to showcase your portfolio or property inventory, connecting your inventory to your existing systems and out to the industry.

5.     Design and deliver social marketing infrastructure comprising a website overhaul including SEO, social media builds (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Blogs), content marketing, writing and editing, PR program, and more.  

6.     Security:  Securing exchange of documents has become a hot topic. If you have to capture signatures during deals between involved parties, keep in mind that if you're working from home rather than your office, it's not as secure. CRECollaborative now has a rock-solid security solution in our partner SCRIBD. Our users will now enjoy government-grade encryption, security, e signature, file transfer and file shredding.

7.     Doubling Down: Your task is doubling down on what you do best as a real estate professional. Putting the focusing on deal flow, finding opportunities, moving on those opportunities, and closing deals, leave the technology to CRE Collaborative. 


How do I keep it upbeat?

Tenants are downsizing, moving up, or upgrading. There's always movement in real estate. The current environment is not what anyone wanted. However, the fair market is being defined. Fair Market Value is determined by what someone's willing to pay in today’s current market. There are deals out there. You just have to find them. They bring the parties to the table. And that's where the collaboration, shaking hands, and aligned technology all come together, whether face to face or virtually. 

If you're looking for a new detailed picture of your properties, area, or county, or anywhere across the country, we have the platform to accelerate your business, a new map, and ways to give you a competitive advantage over your peers including ways to identify opportunities that you might have overlooked. Our mission is to drive technology enablement in real estate companies big and small so you can flourish and thrive.  

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