Thrive in Commercial Real Estate: Align Your Physical Image With Your Digital Self in Five Easy Steps

Align Your Physical Image With Your Digital Self in Five Easy Steps

Premium Users of have access to My Social, the all-in-one social media posting, analytics, scheduling, and social media management suite of tools.

My Social will schedule and post content on all your social media. My Social Analytics will show you how to create content that works best compared to your competition. Unlimited support also gives you the technical and marketing coaching resources to get going quickly to success in today’s digital world. To become a Premium User now:

Step 1 - Log in at and fill out your profile in the My Profile Section menu. This area acts as a business card and showcases your background, skills, and importantly property inventory.

Andreas Senie Profile Page Image

*This is an excellent opportunity to update your profile across multiple platforms.


Step 2 - Update your Primary Company Information.
 Connect with our support team at to have your company information added or updated.

EAC Properties at The Higgins Group

* This is another opportunity to align your company description across all your different channels.


Step 3 - Deals, Deals, Deals.
Whether you list property, own property, or have projects you want to promote, is the place to enter them. Our team is standing by to upload your deals for you if requested, and if you use one of our partners, we can establish feeds to pull the information automatically.

Andreas W Senie Property Inventory

* Whether your property inventory is on spreadsheets, on MLS, or another listing platform, our system will take the data in from where ever you have it, and bring it online into the platform. You are then provided with a single source of truth for pushing out to whatever destinations are needed.


Step 4 - Add the CRE Collaborator seal and link it to your email signature.
Your profile, along with your property inventory, is dynamic and updates in real-time. By adding in the CRECollaborator seal and link to your emails, clients can easily see access your inventory and the most up-to-date information on your business.  They will know that you're part of an elite group of technology-enabled, interconnected, and collaborative professionals.

CRECollaborator logo

*Aligning all your affiliated associations, certifications, and industry awards in your signature is an easy way to remind your peers and prospects about your qualifications. 


Step 5 - Promote your profile, your company, and or your deals out to your network and the industry.
Using our Social Share links on every page and/or email buttons, you can easily put the information you need at the fingertips of those who need it.


Social Sharing is easy with Social Share Buttons

*Social Share buttons are located at the top right of every page or in the lower left of every search result making information sharing as easy as possible. 

More information about My Social can be found on our FAQ at:

Also, do not hesitate to call, as we are here to support you.


Written by;

Andreas Senie, CRE Collaborative
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