Why CRE Collaborative Leads in Commercial Real Estate Technology  - Part One

CRE Collaborative keeps the real estate professional as the central contributor of real estate transactions.

From the podcast 


Podcast Moderators: Andreas Senie CEO, CRECollaborative & Jim Fried

The new generation of real estate professionals has a strong desire to incorporate data and technologies to make their business better and more efficient. This generation is driving the adoption of new ideas and new solutions. They react quickly to emerging market opportunities with integrated, layered enhanced market knowledge. This new crew is well-represented at CRETech conferences. Where smart people looking at where CRE is going, what their competitors are doing and what best-in-class are there to help them move ahead.

The end game? A real blending of technology and old school “grin and grab,” meeting people in person. And CRE Collaborative is in the thick of it.

CRE Collaborative is turning heads because it delivers a clear competitive advantage for CRE professionals looking to move faster, smarter to achieve more. A genuinely disruptive platform that enables its users to get way ahead of regional or national competitors.  CRE Collaborative is built upon a highly accessible platform-as-a-service. It delivers new ways to look at a property–weather, zoning data, crime statistics, walk rates, with the analysis that richly matches the needs of customers. Real estate professionals, as CRE Collaborators, share this information within their networks of owners, developers, brokers, lenders, and service providers to create significant economic value. This shared information speeds up transactions.  

A tall order–some time pipe dream?

Consider CRE COLLABORATIVE - “Search One & Done”…. For the Commercial Real Estate Industry 

The CRE Collaborative platform

The CRECo.ai platform aggregates commercial real estate data in an integrated database with a dynamic, easy-to-use portal that enables quick access to all critical industry data & technology in one place. Real Estate Professionals gain a significant competitive market advantage, speeding up their ability to identify opportunities to close more deals.

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CRE Collaborative Inc

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