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Search, Post and Share Real Estate Listings. QuantumListing is a great source to keep our properties organized. ... QuantumListing is making it much easier for real estate professionals to generate the quality leads they need to enhance productivity.


QuantumListing is a commercial real estate listing service, including a website and iOS and Android apps. It is easy to add your listings and share them to your social media. Additionally, we share your listings to our social media for you.

Anyone can search our users'​ listings for free without having to register or pay. If you are an owner or agent that wants to post listings, you'll get 1 month of membership free when you register. We don't collect payment information until you opt in to become a paying member. Annual membership is $89.99 per person, and you can post an unlimited number of listings.

After you join, we assign you to a network based on your geography. You may ask to join other networks too. Networks make it easy to see the listings and agents that are most relevant to you. You can also start or join a group with your colleagues, to drill down on a more granular level to the information that you need, with less searching and work.



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