SCRIBO all-in-one secure data transmission

Scribo (patent pending) is a cybersecurity messaging transmission platform with a privacy component not found in the current marketplace (un-hackable, not-tracked). The NIST 800-171, HIPAA compliant platform has 256AES encryption, secure and private messages, e-signing, and large file transmission, and receipts.

Scribo can be scaled for high-volume concurrent usage and the transmission of private data. Files are never saved to the cloud and shredded after transmission, so users can be assured that their files and messages will never be stolen and/or read by any outside party.

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Scribo is the simplest way to:

  • e-sign a document
  • collect payment
  • transmit files that are too large to e-mail
  • use a streamlined dashboard
  • viewing receipts (both sent and received)
  • multiple sorting options
  • simple two-click reporting

Privacy, security and compliance are the foundation of Scribo, the heart of the platform is functionality and usability

  • Scribo will never retain the data transmitted

  • files are never saved to the cloud after transmission and have low traceability
  • files and messages will never be stolen and/or read by any outside party.
  • all transmitted data will be shredded electronically and completely at the conclusion of each transaction
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