ATTOM DaaS Helps Clients Connect and Alleviate Data Burnout

people collaborating on computers

“It’s all about connectivity.” (CRE Collaborative CEO, Andreas Senie)


Collaboration is more than just a buzzword for these two companies because it’s embedded in the fabric of CRE Collaborative and ATTOM Data Solutions. So, it was a natural fit for the commercial real estate data and technology firm to partner with ATTOM to handle one of its cornerstone datasets, Real Time Property Data.

ATTOM recently launched Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), a cloud-based technology encompassing a private warehouse that eliminates the need for companies to build and maintain their own processes to keep data fresh. Updates and data fixes are applied daily and implementation is made directly.

With technology playing a larger role in empowering the real estate industry, CRE Collaborative leverages property data from ATTOM to help clients achieve their goals. Andreas Senie, third generation real estate developer as well as co-founder and CEO of CRE Collaborative, started the firm in 2016 and said it’s all about collaboration and shaking hands.

“In 2016 and 2017 everybody is partner ready. In 2018 people are saying, ‘Well, it’s proprietary I’m not partnering.’ Now, in 2019, which is what I call CRE tech 2.0, many have come to the realization that it’s all about connectivity for serving end users,” he said.

For example, Senie said if a brokerage company in Washington, DC requests three platforms, it’s important to be able to go back and forth between those platforms. He said companies often say they aren’t built to share and cite competitive issues and other reasons for not integrating their data. Moreover, ATTOM’s research shows that many clients are drowning in data and unable to keep up with the demands of finding, ingesting and managing it.

“The CRE Collaborative platform acts as a universal hub and back-end infrastructure connector integrating commercial real estate professionals, the data and the technologies,” he said, adding that the firm is a 2.0 technology market network. ATTOM Data provides property data to the end user through a simple platform that is easily accessible, while being secure and flexible.

After researching some of the top firms to partner with CRE Collaborative chose ATTOM Data for its 2.0 mentality when it comes to property data. “The team at ATTOM, its vision and what ATTOM is doing aligned most with our company vision of this on-demand connectivity and where we’re headed,” said Senie. “We all got it. It was the perfect alignment, so we went with it over the others.”

DaaS provides CRE Collaborative with several datasets including property characteristics and parcel numbers. The firm then builds on that data. Senie explained that their search engine has a ton of property information nationwide through ATTOM and other partners, then they layer on more expandable information. “If I’m building a building ATTOM is the foundation of which we build the additional floors,” he said, adding that data was one of the many reasons he chose ATTOM.

CRE Collaborative plans to keep building and said through their partners the firm has real time underwriting, feasibility evaluation modeling and more. In fact, Senie said the more bundles of data CRE Collaborative can put together on its platform, the more innovative the technology can become. For instance, the company can tell clients things like instead of building a multifamily property in a certain location, they should build office buildings, and uses the data to back it up. “But that’s not possible without having ATTOM’s data or demographics,” said Senie.

The firm is using applied analytics and other disruptive technologies. But it’s important to note that CRE Collaborative works hard to not be considered a competitor to anyone. Instead, the company wants to be recognized as a data aggregator, similar to what sites like Kayak has done for the travel industry. “In the end we ‘re a hub, transferring traffic to and from. We’re not the competitors themselves. We’re facilitating CRE tech innovation,” he said.

The response from CRE Collaborative clients has been great, according to Senie, who said that industry members often comment on how much the service is needed. Senie said there are 4.9 million real estate professionals in the United States and 4.5 million don’t have an IT department or CTO’s to handle technology. That’s not to say we are replacing IT departments or CTO’s, but quite the opposite. We are working with companies of all sizes. The company stays true to one of its missions of “we’ll handle the technology, so you don’t have to.”

Like anything new, Senie said there’s always a learning curve, but added that ATTOM has been “an absolute pleasure to work with.”  CRE Collaborative stays true to its motto, ‘powered by knowledge, propelled by collaboration,’ and looks forward to expanding its partner base to remain on the cutting edge of technology. When asked how CRE Collaborative will disrupt the real estate industry, Senie simply explained, “It’s going to connect it, which has never been done.”


Originally posted by Attom Data Solutions