CRE Collaborative Announces Pending Launch of Site Rank program to prequalify up to 20,000,000 CRE properties for acquisitions, development, capital financing and/or the provision of professional services in the CRE vertical.

Site Ranking Report

For Immediate Release 2/15/19 : New York, NY


CRE Collaborative is pleased to announce that the joint venture program with INVIZEN IT is going forward later this month premiering theSite Rank program being utilized to prequalify up to 20,000,000 CRE properties in the U.S. for listing on CRE Collaborative for the exclusive benefit of CRE Collaborative subscribers who are seeking opportunities in acquisitions, development, capital financing and/or the provision of professional services in the CRE vertical.  


This program will allow CRE Collaborative users to accelerate their due diligence processes, help identify new development opportunities, as well as provide an unbiased insight into projects that may be underway already. 


"INVIZEN IT is one of our key portal partners using our foundational data, enhancing their data thru partner data, and then providing services that until today simply could not exist without collaboration of both our technologies" says CEO Andreas Senie.  CRE Collaborative will continue to bridge more and more silos of data and functionality providing them to users in the exact function and manner they need them. 


Other key functionalities being made available thru our collaborative partnership with INVIZEN IT include; First Look feasibility reports, Last Check underwriting series, Stop Loss asset monitoring subscription program and due diligence services. 


"We are absolutely thrilled to be on the cusp of this launch.  Later this month I will be joining the CRE Collaborative team for a live radio show in Miami to take caller questions on CRE finance, development and other B2B topics" Stated Clint Lovell. 




About CRE Collaborative

CRE Collaborative is a 2.0 Technology Market Network. Integrating Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Data, and Technology in one simple to use platform. The CRE Collaborative portal enables quick access to all relevant industry data, technology, and real estate networks saving a real estate professionals time, and money related to their use of technology so they can get back to closing more transactions. Similar to what Kayak or Expedia have done for travel, CRE Collaborative is doing for Commercial Real Estate. CRE Collaborative goes further not only making the information available, it also combines and connects the disparate technologies and data available, into one easy to navigate platform. Additionally, we provide Business Technology advisors to ensure real estate professionals can focus on what they do best with the best possible “toolbox” of technology at their fingertips.


About Rainmaker Analytics

Rainmaker Analytics is a Houston-based analytics firm that developed proprietary technology and software that was launched in June of 2017 by its principals.  The company provides near real-time site valuation studies, commercial real estate project feasibility studies and underwriting reviews using this technology that reduces the time and cost associated with bringing a securities offering to market from months to a matter of days.  The company serves the commercial real estate and commercial real estate finance verticals primarily but also serves all B2B sectors with its reporting programs and exclusive investment loss prevention and monitoring program that is designed to prevent an investment from becoming a total investment loss for the entire term of the investment holding period.

For more information please visit or contact the company at 832.663.9634.