CRE Collaborative (CRECO) ushers in 2.0 Era for Commercial Real Estate Technology! Short Release

New York, NY, February 19th2019 — CRE Collaborative (CRECO) CRE Collaborative is a 2.0 Real Estate Market Network connecting real estate professionals, data, and technology on one platform. 

Creco is a 2.0 Technology Market Network.  Integrating Real Estate Professionals, Data and Technology in one simple to use platform. The CRE Collaborative portal enables quick access to all relevant industry data, technology and real estate networks, saving professionals time and money. CRECO is doing for Commercial Real Estate what Kayak and Expedia have done for travel.

"With 1.0 technologies growing, professionals were overwhelmed and had to sort through siloed information”

CRE tech companies started to move towards the 2.0 revolution in late 2018, with deals like Moody's acquiring CRE data provider REIS Inc. during the 4th quarter of 2018 and Spacelist’s initiative of free data sharing in September 2018. 

CRECO is uniquely positioned, it does not compete with all the disconnected technologies. It services the industry and technologies by connecting them on one simple-to-use portal.  

Core functionalities include the ability to search and post in a forever-free commercial deal exchange, access to real time networking tools, an expanding network of services and professionals and the ability to utilize standard business and deal distribution tools. Users can customize the CRE Collaborative portal, accessing the collaborative functions they want and use. Companies can work with technology advisors to review business needs, and configure CRE Collaborative technology for their unique use outside of the CRECO platform.

"2.0 technology is all about connectivity, communication and data tools, on one platform, accessible on all devices. The traditional way of doing business is not eliminated, but enhanced and simpified with technology.”Says founder, Andreas Senie who’s extensive experience in CRE tech solutions, includes RealConnex, Agile CRM, Tenant Rep and TenSource. Mr. Senie also has over a decade of experience in brick & mortar real estate development and brokerage.

Collaborative functionalities include growing nationwide database of commercial real estate properties that update in real time, real time feasibility, demographics data, crowd sourced comparables, and social media connectivity.

2.0 CRE-Technology partners include :  

  • Quantum Listing; Internet Listing Service providing access to brokers, investors, nationwide through their listing portal.
  • INVIZEN IT;Licensed capital markets program for unlimited commercial real estate constructure equity financing,  1stgeneration research & transaction management, provides underwriting, valuation and other reporting programs and exclusive investment loss prevention and monitoring program designed to prevent an investment from becoming a total investment loss
  • Attom Data; Public Data Aggregatorprovider of property data - providing access to nationwide real estate and property data for more than 155 million U.S. properties.
  • AdexPro; Crowd Sourced Comparable Data. Providing sale and lease comparable exchange.

Additional partner technologies/integrations coming soon include: 1st Generation Research, Backroom Marketing, CRM Management, Crowd Sourced Data Providers, Industry Disintermediation Platforms, Internet Listing Services, PropTech, Public Data Aggregators, Retail, Transaction Engines and Workflow Platforms

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