CRE Collaborative now provides a platform extension to execute comprehensive social media campaigns for next generation Commercial Real Estate marketing

NEWS ALERT: CRE Collaborative Develops Social Media Platform Extension to Help Connect Buyers and Sellers @PropertyPortalWatch

TRUMBULL, CT, June 8, 2020–CRE Collaborative has introduced an easy to use social media management utility to analyze, manage, and bring attention to real estate professionals and the commercial, retail, shopping centers, and strip mall properties they market. The all-in-one Social Media Connectivity Engine & Ops Center, dubbed the “My Social” tool, enables Premium users to analyze, manage, grow, and measure their online presence across their digital content, including blogs and social media such as websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, online ads, and Instagram. The integrated dashboard provides in-depth access to analytics to improve strategy and creative decision making.

“We are proud to offer this best-in-class utility to analyze, manage, and measure the success of all our premium users’ digital content across all their digital channels,” said Andreas Senie, Founder and CEO of CRE Collaborative. “Combining social and networking functionality into a single, simple, easy-to-use interface directly aligns with our mission to drive technology enablement into real estate businesses big and small so they can flourish and thrive.” My Social:  

  • Provides easy analytics for social networks, online advertising, and competitor tracking.
  • Saves time and improves social content planning with effortless multi-posting on all social networks, as well as best posting time recommendations for larger audiences, RSS feed integrations and more.
  • Creates, manages, and enhances Google and Facebook Ad campaigns.
  • Provides easy to produce custom and auto-generated reports. 

CRE Collaborative My Social, was piloted with several real estate professionals interested in building a higher profile in their local markets. All of them experienced a high level of success. One reported that in two weeks, they grew to from 100 to 1000 impressions a day per property posting. That is an estimated cost of $0.01 per impression versus $8.00 per impression on Google. Another broker used the tool to push out the recommended three pieces of content every week across all their social channels. Over one month, they tripled their network of active contacts.

“An active social media presence is critical to be competitive,” said Howard Oliver, VP of Marketing and Director of Social Media Consulting Group, an enterprise comprehensive marketing service provided by CRE Collaborative.

The Platform, including My Social is now available to our premium users for less than the price of cable. SEO, content creation, and writing and editing services are also available for companies seeking affordable enterprise services from CRE Collaborative.

About CRE Collaborative: CRE Collaborative’s Platform is a 2.0 Technology Market Network connecting the Commercial Real Estate industry through our “Search One & Done” Platform for the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Our Platform aggregates real estate data, real estate networking & technology in one place using an easy to use customized dashboard. Users select the tools they require. is the only Platform providing connectivity between the silos of data and technology through a search engine style integrated portal.


Contact: Andreas Senie, Founder and CEO, 203-307-2242,

Media Contact: Howard Oliver, VP of Marketing and Director of Social Media Consulting Group, 416-568-5254,