CRE Collaborative to offer a new CRE Technology Enablement program for National and Regional Real Estate Associations across the US and Canada.

CRE Collaborative is launching an initiative to help commercial real estate associations.


TRUMBULL, CT, May 5, 2020 - CRE Collaborative is launching an initiative to help commercial real estate associations empower members to evolve their CRE technology capabilities, to close transactions and thrive during these difficult times. The company has already held workshops and webinars for several associations and plans to scale these activities in the coming months. It offers its CRE Technology Enablement webinar free of charge to interested associations for their members. Training programs, consulting, and coaching sessions are also accessible. Strategic Partnership/white-labeled versions of the platform hub are available to members, creating a revenue opportunity for their associations.

The CRE Technology Enablement webinar presents valuable content:

  • Understand the fundamentals of CRETech integration and data sources.

  • Promote your business everywhere you need it to be (and) wherever you want it.

  • Remove redundant tasks related to your data.

  • Take control of your digital business in this rapidly developing tech-enabled industry.

  • Close deals more quickly with all the information you need instantly at your fingertips.

  • Use the most current technology to avoid losing clients.

  • Avoid leaving money on the table because of market changes.

  • Redeem countless hours spent inputting data in multiple places.

  • Use time more productively.

    CRE Collaborative Inc. CEO, Andreas Senie, is a third-generation real estate developer. He often relates, “The commercial real estate industry is built on shaking hands, the more hands we shake, the stronger our network, the more deals we can transact. Technologies must also shake hands. The more relationships and the broader the strength of our networks, both physical and digital, the more business we can transact. Commercial real estate is a relationship business, and it always will be.”

    We are committed to making real estate professionals via their associations, more relevant and valuable by providing the tech tools that seamlessly allow them to do what they do best: to seek, evaluate, and close deals. connects the industry from end to end through one simple portal.

    We are already working with growing numbers of CRE Collaborators in workshops, webinars, and through our Platform to reduce their costs, expand their options, and give them access to technology and marketing advice in an affordable, scalable, and flexible solution. CRE Collaborative is primarily a service offering with product adjuncts.

    About CRE Collaborative: CRE Collaborative’s Platform is a 2.0 Technology Market Network connecting the Commercial Real Estate industry through our “Search One & Done” Platform for the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Our Platform aggregates real estate data & technology in one place using an easy to use customized dashboard. Users select the tools they require. is the only Platform providing transparency between the silos of data and technology through a search engine style integrated portal.

    Contact: Andreas Senie, Founder and CEO, 203-307-2242,

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