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Commercial Real Estate–CRE Tech is evolving at an astonishing rate.  What CRE broker or brokerage has time to determine which group of these new technologies will make their work easier and focused on closing deals faster? CRE Collaborative is here to bring you that expertise.

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Collaborative’s platform (CRECo.ai) aggregates commercial real estate data in one integrated database. It is an efficient, easy-to-use portal that enables quick access to all relevant industry data & technology: 

  • Find Properties (For Sale, For Lease, Tax Data, Demographics)
  • Research Real Estate Markets (Market Demand, Market Trends, News)
  • Network (Identify area deal makers, capital resources, and other RE professionals)
  • Prospect (Bookmark, follow, and source properties & professionals to do more business)
  • Promote (post opportunities, power your website with your property data, connect your data to other technologies)  
  • Access the industry’s best tools and data (Augment your data with our data & partner technology data)

 Once you join, as a CRECollaboratator, you can interact with us in any combination of the three ways below:  

1) DO IT YOURSELF: Login anytime at
Created to allow you to “set it and forget it.” Set up a search, establish your network, and set your promote functions. Our system alerts you when it needs your attention and goes to work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2) DO IT FOR ME: Our advisors can handle busy work, by operating the system for you!
For those who are not technology inclined, nor have the time, we offer Concierge Service to process your requests, load, manage, and streamline the CRE Collaborative platform on your behalf, so you can focus on closing more business, much faster, at less cost. 

3) DATA ADVISORS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: We handle the technology, so you do not have to!
For companies that may enjoy more customization with existing platforms or technologies, our team of Data Scientists will streamline your technology stack to ensure it is solving your business needs; i.e., listings on your website, client relationship management, MLS, Commercial Information Exchanges, etc. 

These options give you the most comprehensive toolbox in one place, including CRM, deal management, and dashboards for your commercial real estate business.

For a no-obligation consultation on how we can help your business, please schedule a demo by selecting (button) link below. 

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Howard Oliver

VP Marketing 

CRE Collaborative Inc

203-307-2242 | howard@CRECo.ai 


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