We are Industry Leaders and Welcome to the Club. Conversations with CRE Collaborators.

We are CRE Industry Leaders and Welcome to the Club.

We have had many joint conversations on our CRECo.ai platform. Our CRE Collaborators see themselves as a mix of Techie, Dealmakers, and Industry Leaders. All are keen Collaborators, relationship builders, and real estate professionals. Investors, owners, builders, brokers, and others that know the wealth-generating opportunity of having knowledge, in today’s world that means building unique data stacks from multiple sources for the markets they serve and the properties they represent. As markets have become more volatile, there has been a distinct uptick in these folks who understand what we are doing and the benefit of being part of our journey.

We have many new CRE Collaborators who are looking to different areas of our CRECo.ai platform. The Techies are asking us how to more efficiently and cost-effectively integrate their current systems and data, either purchased or collected in-house. Dealmakers are asking how to gain access to a system that rapidly identifies opportunities in local or national markets. Industry Leaders seek to mitigate risk in the volatile markets we face. All want actionable insights enabling them to work smarter and faster. Everyone is unhappy with the high pricing coming from significant data suppliers.  One person told us, “It’s something like $50,000 of $60,000 for bulk data for the country, updated monthly, and that’s not a small amount. A big cheque to write in these times.” An impossible cheque for most of the industry not in the top 10%. Granularity and richness of data are also often brought up.  With all the changes, you need to know that it is happening in a neighborhood to make an evidence-based decision. Bulk data alone does not work on the residential or commercial side. For instance, how Dollar General is looking at the same bulk data is different in affluent versus less affluent areas. These are risk traps.

Que the CRE Collaborative paradigm.  We are unique in that we are a middle-ware connected customizable community hub. Our system first delivers foundational data based on a combination of nationwide property data points. We then connect and integrate other data sources, layering the data one after another based on credentialed access or in a white label version of our platform for your company. Through the CRE Collaborative platform, we engineer a connected environment where your data and technology work together to provide actionable insights. For example, Zip Analyser, which will give you real-time economic trend growth data, builds upon our core. While another partner provides land tracks, zoning data, and relevant regulations, yet another provides real-time underwriting data and valuation.

For some, the cumulative value of this integrated value stack is a unique early warning system based on market shifts. In contrast, for others, it’s the frictionless transfer and availability of information across different platforms. All of this information runs in real-time in a customizable dashboard with one-touch data entry and access. We have an exceptional CTO and development team.  All the layers talk to one another, and we become Switzerland. What we live to provide, a toolbox where we take whatever data you’re getting, add to it, compliment it, suggest new data, and then provide it back to you either in our portal or back-end to your system.

Our CEO, Andreas Senie, is a third-generation real estate developer. He often relates, “If we don’t shake hands as people, deals don’t get done so naturally, technologies must follow us.” If technology does not “shake hands,” fewer deals will get done, or at least not as many, especially in these times when shaking hands is avoided.

We are committed to making real estate professionals more relevant, more, and more valuable because they have the tech tools that seamlessly follow what they do best. Speeding up a real estate professionals’ ability to seek, evaluate, and close deals.  Our vision of a connected toolbox of technology is even more relevant now with people who are forced to work at home. They don’t have their Bloomberg at work to check on. We know that this a FinTech statement, but it’s the truth.

We work with our growing numbers of CRE Collaborators to reduce their costs, expand their options, and give them access to technology and marketing advice in an affordable, scalable, and flexible solution. CRE Collaborative is a service first with a product adjunct. We serve the industry at all levels, both small and large, as leaders and industry professionals ourselves. 

To get going with CRECo.ai, request a call to review your needs and showcase how we can work together to solve them.


Howard Oliver, Vice President Marketing at CRE Collaboratve



Howard Oliver

Vice President of Marketing

Director, Social Media Marketing Consulting Group 

CRE Collaborative Inc.

e-mail: howard@creco.ai

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