Webinar Discussion between David Perlmutter, Founder & CEO Quantum Listing & Andreas Senie, Co-host Friedon(CRE)Tech Founder & CEO of CRECollaborative, CRETech Thought Leader | Broker

CRE Collaborative and Quantum Listing's David Permutter and Andreas Senie talk high value CRETech use case

Andreas: We frequently receive calls for help from managers of mid-sized

Commercial Real Estate brokerages often prompted by one of their brokers.

They seek advice to simplify their broker’s use of subscriptions to multiple

commercial real estate databases and technologies. “We want Kayak like

the integration of data silos - one-touch-and-you're-done fast access – so

brokers can do what they do best: identify opportunities, build their network,

and close more deals. Our syndication partners like your company David -

Quantum Listing gets asked the same questions. We know the industry will be

using more and more real estate technology.


There are seven thousand real estate companies currently. A significant issue

is that these different technologies will not talk well with one another. Even

within a brokerage, there likely resides a half a dozen different technologies

that you are using. Accessible data gets siloed. It is impossible to shift

seamlessly from one-and-the other. To be truly useful, you need to get on top

of all the tech to bring opportunities to the market.


David: So one of the great things about our new partner CRE Collaborative is

that their CRECo.ai portal helps normalize those data flows, allowing them to

talk with each other. Andreas, can you elaborate on how you are bringing the

world of CRE technology and CRE professionals closer together?


Andreas: Absolutely and thanks, David. I couldn't be more excited about

what you guys are doing over there at Quantum Listings. CRE Collaborative

connects all the disparate technologies in effect providing an augmented

database or a data storage platform. The CRECo.ai Use Case would be where

a broker comes on the Quantum Listing site because their listings are

tremendous. However, they also require a leasing commission system and

integration with their CRM. We take all the data from all the different data

flows and create a single augmented database with additional access to all

the other technologies. Think of it as one simple platform connecting the

industry from end to end.


David: That is a high-value Use Case that brings Quantum Listings to a new



Andreas: In the end, we help brokerages manage client relationships with

technology, working smarter, and not harder. We live in a world where with a

few small changes to the way you do business you can:

1) Close every deal in your pipeline faster

2) Grow your pipeline of business

3) Manage your relationships and effectively

4) Build your business on repeat, reputation, and referral like never

before! We deliver a real competitive advantage to our brokerage clients.