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Commercial real estate technologies and software options are growing and changing at a rapid pace. Staying up to date with the shifting CREtech landscape is a challenge as more and more solutions enter the picture every year, whether proprietary to a company or mass-marketed for professional use.

The graphic above presents a group of commercial real estate technology companies that provide data, software, and tools aimed at improving efficiencies and addressing pain points in the industry.

Several years ago, the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) invited listing platforms to respond to an RFP on behalf of their members. There was an expectation that NAR would standardize on one best in class choice. That did not happen. Four platforms were selected and presented at the 2018 National Association of Realtors Convention. NAR determined that local markets needed their options rather than forced participation in a single national listing platform. The challenge of selecting a single portal was daunting, and NAR, to our mind, made the correct decision. First, collaboration between the platforms or at least a point of origination that can talk to all the platforms is the key. Second, distribution and destination are paramount. Brokers who spend time to enter data into multiple systems or use only one system miss out on potential business. They cannot identify promising properties and connect with critical people.

With such an overwhelming proliferation of technology and a natural curiosity to understand the options, more and more brokers/professionals are taking to Google to find platforms to use. So, SEO and Google algorithms determine which listing platforms and related technology solutions show up on “Page One.” It leaves the broker to figure out which one is best-a skill set he or she might not at all possess.

The ideal solution requires a portal that has already integrated multiple suppliers of various types of real estate databases, all nested one-upon-the other. A single portal with Kayak-like capabilities to scan and analyze multiple properties, technology platforms, and real estate networks while providing capabilities to share data/deals with colleagues. A single source of truth-smart, strategic, and customized. Frictionless access to the property data needed to close more deals faster. The ability to win together with stakeholders-social collaboration within an integrated ecosystem. One portal that removes the need for many website credentials and passwords, additional costs, and cumbersome property data entry.

A tall order–some time pipe dream?

Consider CRE COLLABORATIVE - “Search One & Done”….For the Commercial Real Estate Industry 

The CRE Collaborative platform.

The platform aggregates commercial real estate data in an integrated database with a dynamic, easy-to-use portal that enables quick access to all critical industry data & technology in one place. Real Estate Professionals gain a significant competitive market advantage, speeding up their ability to identify opportunities to close more deals.

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