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Services include:


Digital forensics examinations, which includes mobile devices, personal computers, Apple computers, servers and a range of other digital devices. Our services also extend to incident response, which may include network breaches and the exposure of sensitive data. We can also advise on ransomware attacks.


Cybersecurity services, which includes an assessment of your application security, penetration testing, Web security, mobile security, physical security and so forth. Our services also extend to red team versus blue team exercises to assess potential vulnerabilities. We can also review your cybersecurity policies to advise on best practices while maintaining compliance with local, federal and international regulators. We can also perform a threat analysis to determine what information on the World Wide Web or Dark Web could be used by your adversaries. This type of assessment will include searches for leaked documents or sensitive information that could adversely impact your organization.


Our company has extensive experience with supporting civil and criminal investigations in the areas of Dark Web, payment card fraud, counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, counter proliferation and national security.


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